Respect Art

In the past, I didn’t manage my artistic career properly.

For many years, I have advised artists as they operate in the worlds of technology and business, but my own house has remained grossly out of ...


About Trump

It’s a chilly Tuesday afternoon in Denver as I pen this essay to you. Rest assured that I have other, far more enjoyable items on today’s agenda other than writing About Trump, and yet, I’m once again...


History in the Making

Last evening, I assured my daughter she was witnessing history. Roughly twelve hours later, I’m technically correct but last night did not proceed as forecasted. Early on, I took comfort that FiveThir...


Losant: the IoT Platform for Everyone

This year has been filled with wonderful events, some were expected, while others, wholly unthinkable in early January, have also became reality.

One of the more pleasant surprises came in February, w...


Dads Change Diapers, Too

The process of becoming a parent teaches lessons you never expected to learn. There are, of course, many small nuggets of wisdom that lodge in your brain; the prevailing signs of a wet diaper (thanks ...


Life on the Inside, Part II

Lifting a 14-pound child, radical weather changes, rising levels of acute pain, and emerging chronic fatigue symptoms are changing my daily routine.

This is the second post in a series covering what i...


Ignorant Advice

In four months time, I’ve realized that building a business and raising a child are incredibly similar.

Speaking from experience, with a child, it’s nearly impossible for parents to share candid photo...


Life on the Inside, Part I

I wake up, though not by choice. The alarm clock isn’t ringing, and the apartment is quiet. My bedsheets wrap me in a warm, kind hug; and although the bed is comfortable, I’m miles away from a blissfu...


The Ex-Resident's Guide to Chicago

By mid-June, the Young Family will be living in Colorado. While this move is positive overall, I also feel a certain trepidation: Chicago was where I launched The Machine, re-ignited my love for softw...


No, You Cannot Pick My Brain

I’m an educator: I advise clients around the globe, speak to almost any audience that will have me, write on a myriad of important topics, and contribute to open source. Still, I’m often asked — occas...


Going West

I’ve lived in Chicago for almost six years, but this June, it’s time to say goodbye. There’s another place my rambling soul craves to be: Denver, Colorado.

As I’ve told several friends, “the mountain...


Don't Solve Everything Today

This one is for the doers: those who have stepped out of the dark, set aim for the heavens, and vowed to realize their dreams — costs be damned.

This one is for the pragmatists: to everyone around the...


Build For Yourself

Whether you’re a developer, musician, producer, photographer, or a creative of any other profession — you rely heavily on the work of others. It may be uncomfortable to admit, but rarely is an idea tr...


The Diary of an Angry, White, Privileged Male

For years, I’ve heard rumblings of misogyny, sexual misconduct, and other troubling events in the Ruby community. Female friends have discussed their stories with me at length: some are concerned (but...


Introducing Sloan Alexis Young

If you read my earlier piece on the emotions associated with becoming a Dad, then you’ll also understand why I’m proud to say this. While the context will help, as it always does, this announcement is...


State.js 2016: JavaScript, Here and Now

While Twitter, for many individuals, has taken the place of blogging — instead, for me, it’s the place where ideas are fostered and allowed to grow before expanding into fully formed pieces of prose.



Dad Jokes

5:05 A.M.

I wake up, groggy and sore, on something the hospital staff described as a bed. Honestly, I don’t know what it is… a board? Concrete, cleverly disguised as a wanna-be couch? Okay, fine. It’s...


Apple's Power Play

I bought a MacBook in 2006. The white, polycarbonate-clad machine was my first serious laptop. It was far superior to the family PCs in every way. I was excited about the purchase, yes, but I also und...


Be Kind, Rewind

Weekend mornings were made for reflection. I have a strong cup freshly ground coffee in my hand, and a head full of ideas. Shall we begin?

This blog has been stale for too long, I know. I added one sm...


What's In a Title?

Knowledge is the most important tool that any developer can possess. With the explosion of platforms like CodeSchool, PluralSight, and many others, the cost of education is plummeting.

Over the last s...


Welcome to Ghost

You’re live! Nice. We’ve put together a little post to introduce you to the Ghost editor and get you started. You can manage your content by signing in to the admin area at <your blog URL>/ghost...


Painless Keyboarding

What is your first thoughts in reaction to the term “mechanical keyboard”? Nostalgia? The obnoxious “clicky” sound you hoped to leave behind? If you’re relatively young, you may have no recollection o...


Life Behind the Microphone

Growing up, adults would consistently regale me with stories from their past. A recurring theme was how time passed faster, increasing in speed with each year. Looking back as I near thirty, and sever...


Drobo: a Nightmare Come True

Settle in, dear reader. I’m here to share a story of frustration, unbelievably offensive customer service, and ultimately, a brand gone astray.

BeyondRAID is actually BeyondSanity

It was mid-2012. I w...


Write Code and Get Back to Doing What You Love

A few weeks ago, I gave a talk at the Chicago Node.js meetup about our technology stack for The Machine. I’ve only been working with Node for a couple of months, but in that time, I’ve learned many di...



One of the major challenges I’ve had to overcome with Node.js is a task that’s relatively simple in Ruby. You wouldn’t think this would be difficult, but serializing JSON can be frustrating, even thou...


Embracing JavaScript

In a previous life, I was a professional web developer. I’ve used JavaScript extensively throughout my career, but I always saw it as the necessary evil: a weird little language that existed solely to...


Migrating from Feedburner: a Helpful Guide

Launched in 2004, Feedburner was a once popular tool that re-formatted often messy RSS feeds, prepping them for mass consumption. Over the years, it became a trusted platform for bloggers, podcasters,...


Introducing The Machine

If we’ve met — online or in person — I’ve probably spoken to you about radio, and my endless love for the medium. This American Life, Radiolab, and Freakonomics Radio are staples in my weekly soundtra...


Our Instagram Life

Tweet. Post. Comment. Like. This era has it’s own lingo; a jargon-addled psuedolanguage that sometimes barely resembles recognized speech or written words. Children, teenagers, and adults alike all sp...


Art is Greyscale

Doubt. It’s something we all face, but rarely discuss. Artists stare it down daily, in a power struggle between beauty and the absence of it. Between light, and the dark, soundless, matterless void. A...


Remixed, Again

I redesign this site annually, but this iteration is radically different. Normally, I pick a new set of technical tools and work around any associated oddness they might introduce — however, this time...


Urbanscapes: Beauty in the Broken

As a photographer, few things compare to capturing emotion. Whether it’s a band sweating on stage, a painter focused on their canvas, or the hustle of a city at night, I think about emotion every time...


It's Not About Your Tools

The evolution of the internet blessed us with always-on, globally-available communications. It has allowed me to conduct informal cultural exchanges with citizens of foreign countries, stay in touch w...


New Years Dissolution

It’s January 2, 2013, and dreams abound. The year is young, with 363 days ahead of us - each one full of promise and countless opportunities to transform your dreams into reality - but will you?

This ...


Hit Send: Smart Email Marketing

Whether you love or loathe it, email ranks highly among the most transformative technologies. It changed how we communicate well before Facebook or Twitter, you can access it from practically any devi...


Creative Guard Rails

Like most artists, I’m often inspired by those around me. A friendly smile, stimulating conversation, and gentle encouragement are often what push me beyond my self-imposed creative boundaries. As cre...


Hard Reboot

I began publishing content online in 1999, shortly after my home in rural Alabama was connected to the internet. At the time, nobody was thinking about their personal brand, and how it might affect fu...


Speculative Work is Bad (For Everyone)

I thought this debate was dead. Over. Fini. But recently, a rather heated thread on Twitter illustrated how wrong I was.

For those not in-the-know, speculative work (also spec work, or sometimes simpl...


My Open Letter to Facebook

Moments ago, I sent this text via email to, and I would encourage you to do the same. For those of you who don’t get what the big deal is, Amanda French has posted a great explanatio...